Endpoint Protector

Data Leak and Theft Prevention for Your Business

Protect your network from the threats posed by portable storage devices.

Portable devices such as USB flash drives and smartphones make it a challenge to control data use both within and outside your company. As a full Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product, Endpoint Protector 4 prevents users from unauthorized copying of confidential data outside the company by USB devices, smartphones, email and even printers.

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Device Control

Control devices on your company network from an easy-to-use browser interface. Strong device use policies will ensure proactive protection and a safer working environment.

Content Aware Protection

Providing detailed control over sensitive data leaving the company's network by any means. Through efficient content inspection, transfers of important company documents will be logged, reported and blocked.

Mobile Device Management

Enhanced control over the use of smartphones and tablets by company employees. Enforce strong security policies and utilize sophisticated tracking features to see where your devices are, and even remotely lock or wipe them in event of loss or theft.

Hardware or Virtual Appliance

Endpoint Protector 4 as a Hardware or Virtual Appliance is the perfect solution for fast, effortless deployment. No need to spend hours learning to install—it's all ready to go out of the box.

Support for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Endpoint Protector will protect your networks whether they are MAC, Windows or Linux based. This will offer you an even more secure working environment.

Endpoint Security for Workstations, Laptops and Servers

Endpoint Protector is designed to protect PCs from threats posed by removable portable storage and endpoint devices such as USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, iPods and digital cameras. These and other devices could be accidentally or intentionally used to leak, steal, or lose data.

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