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Hosted in Canada


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  • Basic Email Service with POP3 or IMAP support

Your business, no matter how big or small, relies on dependable email service. At Positive E Solutions Inc., our technical team works hard to ensure your email is reliable and responsive.

We're big on customer support. With our managed email hosting services you can pick up the phone and talk to a technician in Canada during business hours.

Our basic email service offers powerful, reliable email provision for SMBs.

Individuals or businesses looking to receive email can tap into our basic email service for just $3/mo per mailbox.


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  • Advanced Business Email Suite Including Calendar, Task List, and Business Collaboration

For business/corporate users desiring a robust enterprise-grade service, we offer Zimbra Collaborative Groupware. This service is the full business email, calendar and collaboration suite, complete with ActiveSync support to allow shared calendars and folders on all your devices.

Compatible with all major operating systems and devices. Get the most out of Microsoft Outlook® and your company smartphones for just $13.99/mo per mailbox for Enhanced service or just $9.99/mo per mailbox for standard service, with managed, fully hosted Zimbra service.

Service Comparison

Basic Email Zimbra Standard Zimbra Enhanced
Encrypted Connection
Microsoft® ActiveSync Support    
Web-Based Email Client
POP3 Support
IMAP Support  
Mail Filtering
Basic Spam Filtering
Advanced Spam Filtering Available Available Available
Intelligent Email Search  
Social Integration  
Address Book  
Email Addresses (Aliases) 5 5 Unlimited
Vacation Auto-Responder
Advanced Calendar  
Task List  
Folder Sharing  
Multi-User Collaboration  
Web Based Administration    
Base Storage* 50 MB 500 MB 2,000 MB
Price $3/mo per mailbox $10/mo per mailbox $14/mo per mailbox
Details Details Details

* Additional storage available at extra cost.