Computer Networking

Positive E Solutions Inc. specialize in practical solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses who need a new network setup or need to upgrade and expand their existing network.

We are a one stop shop for all of the following services:

High Speed Internet Access

Positive E Solutions Inc. supplies and installs business DSL high speed Internet service. With available 6Mbps service and static IP address assignment, Positive E Solutions' Business DSL service can be installed on one of your existing phone lines without interfering with phone use.

For essential protection from Internet intruders we recommend installing our business grade router/firewall to enable your workgroup to safely and securely access the Internet. It is a fully customizable system with VPN and wireless interface capability.

Local Network Setup

Wired, wireless or a mix of both, Positive E Solutions Inc. can get you up and running with network hardware supply and installation.

We offer a full line of server room hardware including racks and rails, KVM switches, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and more.

With Positive E Solutions' powerful dual Wireless Internet access, you can allow visitors access to the Internet from your boardroom and customers in your waiting room can use their wifi device while they wait, and it's all provided securely, completely separated from your business network.

Positive E Solutions Inc. also supplies & installs multifunction printers, faxing from desktop and scanning to email capabilities.

Wide Area Network Setup

Positive E Solutions offers secure Virtual Private Network capabilities, which allow you to extend your corporate LAN, linking branch offices to your head office systems. This functionality can also be used to grant secure access to employees while they are away from the office.

Our long range of wireless networking products allow building-to-building connections, or provide large campus-style wireless access.