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About The Service

WordPress is a web-based content management system backed by the latest technologies and built for ease-of use, allowing you to manage the content of your own web site easily.

At Positive E Solutions Inc., we provide WordPress-powered web site development and deployment, coupled with world-class managed web hosting. You can focus entirely on the content of your web site, because we will take care of the technical aspects for you, including security patches, software upgrades and even the customization of your WordPress site. It's WordPress without the headaches.

Whether your business looks to increase its social media presence through blogging, or just have the ability to edit the content yourself, WordPress is the ultimate, easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy solution.

Why is managed service required?

WP Mayor—a reputable WordPress news site—reported 117,000 WordPress web sites hacked in 2012. Of those, a staggaring 92% were hacked because the software running those sites was not current. While that sounds like an old statistic, it is actually just the beginning: The problem has grown since then. Now, countless attacks have occurred against vulnerable WordPress web sites and plugins, sometimes affecting not just thousands, but millions of sites. Some attacks deface the company web site, damaging their reputation. Others install malware on site visitors' computers or steal credit card information. Then there are frightful exploits that give the hacker access to the company's internal network, customer data, and billing information. To see how ever-present these threats are, take a look at the WordFence blog here:

Why is this number so high?

Some hosting companies promote unmanaged WordPress installations. As a business, you need to focus on what you do. Your staff doesn't have the time, nor the experience necessary to manage the technical aspects of a WordPress deployment: they simply want to be able to edit or add content as needed. As a result, software becomes out of date. Exploits in old versions of software are discovered and then used to compromize these insecure web sites and damage company reputations. That's why Positive E Solutions Inc. actively maintains every single WordPress deployment we host, with 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance and daily backups.

Safely Focus on Content

Positive E Solutions Inc. leaves the editing, blogging and posting to you, but the technical maintenance, security patches and ongoing support is provided by us on an ongoing basis, so you can focus on content while we focus on keeping your WordPress site safe from hackers.

It's Your Brand

All the features of WordPress are provided, and the WordPress web site is hosted on your own domain (, for example). Fully branded and professional.

Reliable Canadian Hosting

Our managed web hosting service offers fast, Canadian-hosted servers for your WordPress web site and business email. Your web site and email is securely backed up to redundant off-site storage on a daily basis.