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ESET is a global provider of security software for enterprises and consumers. ESET's award-winning, antivirus software system, NOD32, provides real-time protection from known and unknown viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware. NOD32 offers the smallest, fastest and most advanced protection available, with more Virus Bulletin 100 Awards than any other antivirus product.

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Ciphertex is a leading data security solutions provider trusted worldwide for fail-safe storage, transport and protection of critical information. Through our partnership with Ciphertex, we are able to offer reliable, scalable security solutions: from powerful, portable storage platforms, to enterprise-class server environments requiring multiple storage devices.

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Microprocessors, also called central processing units (CPUs), are frequently described as the "brain" of a computer because they control the central processing of data in personal computers (PCs), servers, workstations, and other devices.


Konect is the solution small and mid-size businesses need to reduce their IT licensing and support costs from 10 – 50%. Using Konect your business is able to install your key software, files, data and web services just once on a central server and make them available to your employees, wherever they work, by seamlessly providing access on their computers. In addition to simplifying the deployment of these key resources, Konect also provides you with centralized control over whom can access these resources and where they can access them from.

Konect has been designed and priced for small and mid-size businesses to give you the benefits you need at a price that is affordable.

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MailCleaner is a professional filtering solution that eradicates all undesirable and dangerous e-mail. Exit spam and Trojan Horses.

MailCleaner is installed between the Internet and your mail server. It quarantines intrusive messages before they ever reach their destination.

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Zimbra is an open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration—email, group calendaring, contacts, and web document management and authoring. The Zimbra server is available for Linux, Mac OS X, appliances, and virtualization platforms. The Zimbra AJAX client runs on all browsers including mobile, and features easy integration/mash-ups of web portals, business applications, and VoIP using web services.

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Our Services

We offer one-stop access to services for business networks. Here is an overview of some of our core services:

  • Scheduled or On-Demand Computer and Network Services at Your Place of Business
  • In-House Computer Service, Repair and Virus Removal
  • Microsoft® Windows and Linux Server Administration, Support and Maintenance
  • Managed Business Email Services
  • Responsive Web Site Design
  • Managed Canadian Web Hosting Services
  • Off-Site Data Backup Hosted in Canada
  • Data Recovery Services with Local Lab in Barrie, Ontario
  • Security Products for Business

About Us

Positive E Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company located in the beautiful lakeshore city of Barrie, Ontario just north of Toronto. Incorporated in 1994 we have been providing more and more clients with the peace of mind and assistance they have been looking for.

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